August 2019. I visited Korea I started my journey in Seoul I arrived very late at night. I made my way to the hotel and the next morning took the High speed Ktx train to Yeosu. This is where the world swimming and Masters swimming were taking place. I booked a nice little Airbnb right beside the harbour. My time here was great there was a lot of entertainment in the evening and I got to try the local food. After this I made my way to Gwangju here the indoor swimming event was taking place. We stayed in the athletes village it was busy and a great buzz going on. After this I made my way to Busan a great city hee we made out way to the Haedong Youngong temple. This temple is so beautiful set on the ocean so tranquil and peaceful. Some photos of this amazing place…From Busan I made my way to Seoul. While in Seoul we did the DMZ tour there, are a lot of people now doing this tour it was very busy and informative. The difference between North and South Korea very apparent. One can feel the darkness and coldness from the North. There is, a brand new train station here only in use for one train journey from Seoul to the DMZ. One day there is hope for reunification here but only time will tell.. Some photos from this experience


Lviv High Castle

Wednesday 6 marchMade my way to the High Castle today, its, quite a trek and well worth the visit. The views are stunning.The castle itself is in ruins but had been rebuild many times. The steps up are a little rickety and in disrepair so caution is advised.The views are amazing from the top and it’s sweet to see the locals selling coffee and hot wine.This was one wonderful experience and I was so lucky because the skies were clear but it was very windy.


Tuesday 5th march

I walked down town this morning and I had a lovely leisurely breakfast of crepes and coffee.

Lviv has influences of Hungary and Poland. The city is peppered with beautiful churches and old buildings. There are lovely coffee shops scattered around and the people again are so friendly. I walked for hours enjoying all this beautiful city has to offer. The city is very well maintained and very clean.

Here are some photos of this city..

Kiev Churches….

Kiev has, some of the most beautiful churches. They are ornately decorated. The people have a deep faith and you will find people in the churches. The people of Kiev are friendly and so helpful. I travel alone so I enjoy meeting people hearing their stories and the history of Kiev. Here are, some photos, of these beautiful churches…..


Sunday 3rd March

I arrived in Ukraine from London Stanstead. From here I took the sky bus to Kiev Central train station. From here I took the metro to Arsenalna the deepest metro station in Europe. I found my air bnb accomadation and settled in.

Monday 4th march

Woke up to a cool morning. I made my way to the metro where I enjoyed a light breakfast of coffee and cakes in a, local cafe, it was lovely. I then took the metro to the city centre. The metro here is very easy to use.

I found Independence Square where I met our guide for the free walking tour at 11.30. This was a great informative and fun way to see Kiev. The city is amazing. Here are some photos of my visit to Kiev.

There is still a lot of communist buildings here but they are brightly decorated with Street Art.

Israel and Jordan Journey

20190107_123251.jpgMonday 7th January 2019 I took a journey to Jerusalem Israel from the city of Eilat.  The journey takes four hours by bus going through the dessert and many lovely towns and villages along the way.


I arrived in Jerusulum where we were greeted by our guide from Fun Time and Tourist Israel.  This was the start of a great spiritual journey.  The first place we entered was the Tomb of Jesus.  We spend some time here visiting the different areas and monuments in this beautiful church.

After this we strolled through the town starting with the Christian part and then on to visit the Muslim quater.   We got a detailed account of the history of the city and the struggles the city and the people have endured.

There is a lot of security in this city and the Muslim gates are guarded and non Muslims are not allowed to enter.

Our next stop took us to the Jewish area.  The big open square where men and women pray in separate quaters.

The Hurva Synagogue which has been destroyed many times and was rededicated in 2010.




FB_IMG_1525087490159Georgia   Batumi…

I visited Georgia in October 2017 and I lost my heart to this absolutely beautiful country.  The people are warm, friendly and very welcoming.  I found it so charming and homely.  They still drive around in the old lad a cars.  The country roads have chickens dogs goats and cows roaming freely.  The countryside was spectacular. 

20171021_11211720171021_122650.jpgThese are the caves in Kutassi…